May 22, 2022

Once a year, we set aside one day as “Consecration Sunday” – a time for each of us to consider our financial commitment to the church and its mission. This year, Consecration Sunday will be May 22, but it will be a bit different than past Consecration Sundays. Why? Despite the many unique challenges of the past year, our congregation has been greatly blessed by God’s abundant provision and the faithfulness of His people.

The primary focus of Consecration Sunday this year will be on our gifts of time and service to the Lord and His work. This is an area of critical concern as we seek to discern what the “new normal” will look like for each of us personally and for our church family.

Please prayfully consider how the Holy Spirit is calling you to give your time and service to the Lord this year. Then, join us for worship on Sunday, May 22 to make your commitment.

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