Video: Solus Christus: Christ Alone for the 21st Century
In this video lecture, Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard shares about who Christ is and who he is not, by pointing out 11 false christs. He also shares what it means to confess Christ ‘alone’, as the Reformers of old did.

Audio: Reformation Conference 2014
Audio lecture by Dr. R.S. Clark on Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Solus Christus

Luther and Reformation
Books and materials to dig in to the life and theology of Martin Luther and the Reformation era published by Sola Publishing

Solus Christus: Christ Alone – Only Christ
by Sam Hughey on

Five Books on Solus Christus
Ligonier Ministries list of five books that will help you gain deeper insights into Solus Christus.