The links below will allow you to listen to sermons from 2015.  The most recent will be at the top of the list- scroll down for older sermons. Sermons from earlier than 2015 may be available by contacting the church office.


12/20/2015/Pastor Dave.  “The Wonder–the Wonder of His Love.”

12/13/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Joy. . .Unspeakable Joy”

12/6/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Ordinary People. . .”

11/25/2015/Pastor Dave. Thanksgiving message.

11/29/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Get Ready. . .”

11/22/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Anticipation. . . is making me wait. . .”

11/15/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Be Strong and Courageous. . .”

11/8/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Tov”

10/25/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Martin’s Search for Truth. . .”

10/18/2015/Rev. Dr. Gemechis Buba.  “Is Christ Your Center?”

10/11/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Your bags are now arriving on carousel 4. . . ”

10/4/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Grace Trumps Divorce. Always.”

9/27/2015/Kevin Reynolds.  “All Healing is. . .Spiritual”

9/20/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Losing the Race is Best. . .For Everybody!”

9/13/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Expect the unexpected”

9/6/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Service”

8/30/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Worship”

8/23/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Solitude”

8/16/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Meditation”

8/9/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Get some Discipline!”

8/2/2015/Pastor Dave.  “The Bread of Life.”

7/19/2015/Randy Drafts.  “Expect a miracle. . .”

7/19/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Oh, to be a toddler again. . .”

7/12/2015/Randy Drafts.  “Persecution comes with the territory; are you ready?”

7/5/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Who Do You Want to Be Today?”

6/21/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Who’s in the boat with you?”

6/14/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Hurry up and wait!”

6/7/2015/Randy Drafts.  “Family- Ya gotta luv’m.”

5/31/2015/Pastor Dave.  “It’s a Mystery. . .”

5/24/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Pentecost. More than just a day on the calendar. . .”

5/17/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Don’t forget your hip-waders. . .”

5/3/2015/Pastor Dave.  Confirmation Sunday

4/26/2015/Randy Drafts.  “I Just Want to be a Sheep…Bah…Bah!”

4/19/2015/Pastor Dave.  “I Can’t Believe It!”

4/12/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Christ Centered. Mission Driven. Spirit Fed.”

4/5/2015/Pastor Dave.  Easter 2015.

3/29/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Palm Sunday- the journey toward Golgotha”

3/22/2015/Pastor Dave.  “The time is coming, declares the Lord. . .”

3/15/2015/Pastor Dave.  “But Lord, what must I do. . .?!”

3/8/2015/Randy Drafts.  “Go ahead- call me  fool!”

3/1/2015/Pastor Dave.  “They’ll know we are Christians by our . . .cross.”

2/22/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Entertaining lies. . .or the boring truth?”

2/15/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Let Your Light Shine. . .”

2/8/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Don’t Worry- Go to the Desert. . .. . .”

2/1/2015/Randy Drafts.  “A Champion Comes to Fight. . . ”

1/25/2015/Pastor Dave.  “So How has the Fishing Been Lately??”

1/18/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Aren’t We All From Nazareth?”

1/11/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Do You Know the Secret?”

1/4/2015/Pastor Dave.  “Christmas; It’s Not What They Told You on TV This Year!”


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