Session I Links


The Origins of Purgatory– this video with Dr. Paul Robinson traces the common sense assumptions that gave rise to Purgatory.

Roman Catholic View:

The Council of TrentIn 1563 this council answered concerns raised in the Reformation. This article reasserts the Roman teachings regarding purgatory.

Lutheran View:

The Apology of the Augsburg Confession– This article on Confession and Satisfaction challenges the Roman interpretation of New Testament passages used to support the doctrine of Purgatory.  

“Bloodless Sacrifice”

Roman Catholic View:

The Council of TrentThis article discusses Roman doctrine concerning the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Lutheran View:

The Apology, Article XXIV: Of the Mass– This article addresses the Roman doctrine of the Sacrifice—particularly the notion that the external celebration of the Sacrament removes sins without faith.

Monasticism/The Monastic Movement

Martin Luther and the Idea of Monasticism– this article by Heinz Bluhm discusses Luther’s recollections of his monastic days in university lectures he gave on Psalm 45 in 1532.

General/Ecumenical Councils

Volume 19- How did the Jerusalem Council compare to other councils? Dr. Arthur A. Just, Jr. discusses the reasons for the Jerusalem Council and Paul’s comments about it.

Volume 20- Similarities with the Council of Nicea Dr. Arthur A. Just, Jr. discusses the similarities between the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15 and the Council of Nicea.