January Meeting and Service Project

January Meeting Recap

The Women of Christ the King group is off to a great start!  We held our first meeting in late October and our second meeting just this past Saturday.  The group has decided to start a Pillow Ministry.  Members of the group will be making pillows for post-surgical patients and others who might benefit from the comfort and support this type of pillow can offer.

Jane Vollman and Kathy Loss have volunteered to facilitate Pillow Ministry.  Jane participated this type of ministry at her previous church, and she is excited to help set the WCTK group in motion.  All interested ladies will meet following our next WCTK meeting, which will fall on the first Saturday in January – the 7th – instead of the normal second Saturday of the month. At that time, Jane will show everyone how to go about making one of the pillows.

At the January meeting, we will hand out the Bible Study that we will be doing as part of our monthly meetings.  The name of the Bible study is Becoming a Woman of Freedom. Click on the title of the Bible study to learn more about it.

We are excited about the good things to come in 2017!  If you have questions or suggestions, please talk to Katie Mixon, Kim Isiminger, Sheri Osburn, or Carla Shaw.  Katie attends the 8:00 service and Kim sings in the choir at the 9:30 service, while both Sheri and Carla can be found in the sanctuary during the 11:00 service.

Pillow Ministry

The Pillow Ministry is looking for donations of fabric for the pillows. The fabric should be smooth, a cotton or poly/cotton blend works best. The minimum size piece of fabric is 13″ x 17″. Please don’t think that we are asking you to cut the fabric to this size!  We will cut larger pieces into the perfect size, but we cannot use pieces smaller than 13″ x 17″.  Thank you for thinking of us if you have extra fabric left over from past projects.